Railway freight

Among the most popular international transport of various goods around the world today are international rail transport. The popularity of the data carried by delivery of goods to anywhere in the world due to the high comfort and reasonable cost.
Our company is engaged in the provision of services related to logistics. The company guarantees that any cargo provided by the customer will be delivered as soon as possible to the specified location. At the same time, the cost of these services will pleasantly surprise the customer.
Container transportation of various cargoes is among the most sought-after areas of international rail transport.
Why is rail freight container so popular?
After all, today there are specially designed freight wagons designed to transport all kinds of cargo. These are refrigerated wagons that allow transportation of various perishable goods (for example, food), tanks designed for the transportation of various liquids (both hazardous and non-hazardous), and hopper wagons, thanks to which various bulk cargoes can be transported.


The basic principle of work that distinguishes our organization from others is to minimize the temporary losses required for delivery. This is done by well-thought-out organization of loading and unloading operations, as well as the choice of the most appropriate route in each specific situation. Thanks to this, saving time for the customer translates into money saving. Services that our company is focused on include:

– rail transportation of various freights;
-transporting of small loads by road;
-multimodal transportation;
-transport of super heavy and large cargoes;
-wagon shipments;
-help in the design of all documentation relating to transportation;
-customs clearance.


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